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About Goldstein

This is some background on the area of Goldstein and the origin of it's name. 


Map of Goldstein

The Division of Goldstein is an Australian Electoral Division in Victoria. The division was created in 1984, when the former Division of Balaclava was abolished. It is located in the bayside suburbs of Melbourne, including BeaumarisBentleighBrightonCaulfield SouthCheltenham (part), Gardenvale and Sandringham.

[Source:  Wikipedia (text), Parliament of Victoria (map)].

Origin of the Name

The division is named after Vida Goldstein, an early feminist parliamentary candidate who contested five separate elections within the first two decades after Federation

Vida Jane Mary Goldstein (13 April 1869 – 15 August 1949) was an Australian suffragist and social reformer.  She was one of four female candidates at the 1903 federal election, the first at which women were eligible to stand.

[Source:  Wikipedia]

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