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Creative Writing and Blogging

My name is Grace and I started this website when I was 8 years old in 2022.  I am a creative writer and political blogger.  My blog is about my work.  

Creative Writing

I love writing, reading and dogs.  I wrote my first book in 2022 and it is about a fantasy land called "Dogtopia" which I created for my puppy, Sugar.  It is currently available for sale.


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My Work Page


The 2022 General Election in Goldstein


I became interested in politics because when I was walking my dog one day I noticed some posters in my neighbourhood with a lady called Zoe Daniel on them.  The next day when I walked past they were covered up!

I set out to find out why.  

Since then I have learned about preferential voting, compulsory voting and the names, profiles and some of the policies of the candidates standing for election in my local area of Goldstein.  

Some of the candidates have even taken the time to let me interview them and you will find the transcripts on this blog too.  

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