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Do you think there are enough car parks in Goldstein and if not what are your plans for more?

Tim Wilson, Liberal

It is vital that commuters who wish to use public transport are not discouraged from doing so by a lack of supportive infrastructure - to that end we are delivering millions in investment to increase local commuter car parking.

This provides residents with greater choice.


David Segal, Liberal Democrats

Car parks are about compromise.  Because to make space for car parks involves either reducing parkland or housing I'd be reluctant to add to parking availability.  What is reasonable is for extra disabled and senior parking so that those who are disadvantaged can access facilities.  For the rest of us the extra walk will be a benefit.  


Alana Galli-McRostie, The Greens

We rely on cars for a lot of our transport because we’ve failed to invest in other ways of getting around, like walking, cycling and public transport.

Putting more money into public transport will reduce traffic, reduce the need for carparks, get us where we want to go faster, cost less and clean up the air we breathe.

Research shows that with less cars and shopping areas designed for people and bikes, the shopkeepers and businesses  do much better economically too. Instead of a multi-level concrete car park, imagine a new park with bike parking underground!


Martyn Abbott, Labor

I believe Goldstein in general has fairly adequate parking, there are a few busier areas that due to population increases and activity levels have a much higher demand on parking facilities. I would work with Council, State Government and the community to better direct federal funding towards the best projects that cause the least impact for the best result. Providing parking while ensuring it does not cause adverse congestion is the key to good policy in this regard.


Zoe Daniel

The Guardian reports that, ‘Not one of the 47 commuter car park sites promised by the Coalition at the 2019 election was selected by the infrastructure department, with projects worth $660m handpicked by the government on advice of its MPs and candidates.’

I would advocate with Councils for Federal assistance for priority Local Government Area projects, including projects that develop integrated transport and connectivity, ensuring safe, accessible, and sustainable transport options for the residents of Goldstein. Improvements to pedestrian access, the public interface of Caulfield Train Station, and cycling infrastructure, are integral to improving amenity and for which I will strongly advocate. Bayside Council’s Suburban Rail Loop Initiative, that seeks to leverage the many advantages of improved public transportation while minimising impacts on local amenity.


Lisa Stark, One Nation

I think parking in Goldstein is becoming a real problem. Many houses are being knocked down and replaced with townhouses or apartments. Some houses and apartments only have one garage. If there is a family with 2 older children, chances are they have 4 cars with 2 or 3 being parked in streets. This makes it hard for residents, garbage collection and general traffic. Then there is parking at shops, parks and beaches to support the population growth!


So, I think we need better planning initiatives – more carparks required in apartments underground and planners should consider that when properties are divided into smaller lots, more parking must be built under the house to cater for larger families and visitors. Maybe this should be based on the number of bedrooms in a property. Businesses should have a minimum number of carparks allocated locally based on the type of business and number of staff. Where possible, parking should be built underground, so it doesn’t impact our beautiful environment.

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