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Preferential Voting - What is it?

It's basically a fair way to decide who should be voted in.

You vote for your first choice candidate, second choice etc. and if no one has enough first choice votes to win, the candidate with the lowest number of votes is out of the race and their second choice votes are reallocated to the remaining candidates and so on, until one candidate has enough votes to win.

This three minute video describes it in a really easy way to understand:

Source: Parliamentary Education Office

What does that actually mean for your vote?

We have already had several "How to Vote" flyers in our mailbox which set out the order in which particular candidates would like you to place the other candidates on your voting card to give their party the maximum chance of winning.

If you feel strongly that your candidate and only your candidate should get in then you should definitely follow their "How to Vote" instructions.

However, technically Preferential Voting means you would order the candidates from the person you think would best represent you and Goldstein to the person you would least like to represent you and to represent Goldstein (if you would like to learn more about the candidates please look at my other blog posts where I have interviewed several of them). This means that the person you think is second or even third best still has a good chance.

Just a reminder if you are not here on election day (like us) you may be eligible to vote early and early voting starts on Monday. Click here and enter your postcode to find out where you can vote early:

Hope you find my blog useful. Please feel free to comment.

Bye for now!

Grace :)

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