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Questions to the Candidates

I asked all the candidates (*) seven questions:

1.  Climate change is obviously important for people my age and people living in Goldstein.  What do you plan to do about climate change in Goldstein?

2.  How do you plan to protect our coastline, sea life and parks in Goldstein?

3.  How could you improve water quality in the bay in the area of Goldstein?

4.  Do you think there are enough car parks in Goldstein and if not, what are your plans for more?

5.  Do you think there is enough mental health support for people in Goldstein after Covid and if not how will you add more of it?

6.  Do you think we have enough sporting facilities in Goldstein and if not how will you get more?

7.  What will you be doing in Goldstein about the Royal Commission final report on aged care?

Click on the next page to see the answers to the first question.....

(*) Dr Catherine Reynolds from the United Australia Party did not respond.

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