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How could you improve water quality in the Bay in Goldstein?

Tim Wilson, Liberal

Port Phillip Bay is one of the most important natural assets in our community.

As we embark in restoring our foreshores, we will ensure water outflows are cleaned, improving water quality.


David Segal, Liberal Democrats

The relevant government authority needs to be vigilant in ensuring levels of pollution, in particular plastics, are kept at levels that are environmentally safe.  


Alana Galli-McRostie, The Greens

As well as stronger environmental laws, and reducing stress on our marine environment through planning for sustainability, we also need to stop the flow of toxic materials into our waterways.

A good way to do this is to invest in reducing waste, more recycling and getting rid of plastic waste by phasing out single use plastics.

Our plan for a national container deposit scheme, where people get money for returning their waste, will encourage recycling and reuse of cans and bottles, and will be in place in Victoria soon. 


Martyn Abbott, Labor

Beyond those measured I outlined on the previous page, I have already had several meetings with both Bayside and Glen Eira councils to discuss local priorities, one local priority is their plan to prevent coastal erosion on Dendy Street Beach, I am looking to further engage with them on their plans which include several options on how best to preserve the coastline there.

The above mentioned $11.7 million investment that a Labor Government would commit to Elsternwick Park Nature reserve will be important for promoting water quality. as 5.5 hectare of wetland will help to filter the quality and capture nitrogen, dramatically improving the quality of storm water that flows from Elster Creek and the surrounding area into the bay. It will also further mitigate flood risk from the 1,197ML of stormwater that will pass through the reserve, which will protect the coastline and the neighbourhood from the effects of flood water. 


Zoe Daniel

​In addition to my comments on the previous page I would advocate for increased investment in water quality entering Port Phillip Bay through supporting updated state government and local council plans to better remediate storm water drains, create wetlands, and purify water entering Port Phillip Bay through rivers and creeks, and providing financial support for pollution remediation projects.


Lisa Stark, One Nation

My responses to protecting the coastline, sea life and parks are a good start. Deep dives to collect rubbish have been suggested as a local initiative. I think the issue is a bigger one and I would work in consultation with the EPA to understand contributors to marine pollution and monitor research projects to communicate outcomes to the community. Then we could ask for suggestions on how we can better protect our coastline waters and how we apply expert advice in Goldstein.

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