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My Work

I love writing and learning about the world.  This is my published work so far:


My Book

The Ultimate A to Z Guide to Dogtopia by Grace Jackson

I started writing this book when I was 8 and published it when I was 9.  It was inspired by Sugar, our ball of furry love, who flew me to “Suggy Bug Land” (Dogtopia) and showed me all its wonderful secrets one holiday when I was missing her.  This is written for children aged from early childhood to late primary, and for dog lovers of all ages.  

Political Journalism:

My Guide to the 2022 Federal Election in Goldstein

I was 8 when I wanted to learn more about the general election and what it meant to me living in Goldstein.  I interviewed all the candidates and attended the Climate Change Conference at Brighton Town Hall, as Media!

To find out more click on the links below:

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