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My Inspiration

Today I thought I'd blog about the inspiration for the amazing world of Dogtopia. Introducing...


She is 3 years old and loves to play. She is energetic, enthusiastic and can't say no to a little food!

Sugar playing in the sunshine

I also have another dog called Honey (a.k.a. "Honey Bun"), and I love her just as much, except she is now eleven and I have had Sugar (a.k.a. "Suggy Bug") since she was a little puppy. We got her just before covid, and I was SO happy to have her to keep me company in lockdown!

Me and my dogs in Covid lockdown

Today, Sugar is on holiday at the beach with my dad and my brother and I really miss her. I went to visit her picture on the dog wall in Sandringham, one of Sandringham's best kept secrets. It's a big long wall in Riggs Lane (behind the Coles Supermarket) covered in paintings of dogs who live in Sandringham. A lot of people who live in Sandringham still don't know it's there so go and check it out!

Me and mum visiting our dogs at the dog wall

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