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Early Voting

We have just VOTED! We’re (Mum is - I am only 8) eligible to vote early as we’re away on 21st May.

We went to Holy Trinity Church on Thomas Street in Hampton and were greeted by people representing Tim, Zoe, Alana, Martyn and David handing out “how to vote” cards.

We walked politely past the people with the cards, as we had already decided how we were voting, and into a big room in the church. A lady gave us two sheets of ballot papers, one green one for the House of Representatives and one REALLY BIG WHITE ONE for the Senate. We ordered the candidates 1-9 on the green paper and we voted for 12 candidates at the bottom of the white paper. You can just choose 6 at the top of the white paper if you prefer.

I didn’t take any photos in the voting hall so people’s votes remain private. That’s really important for democracy!

We filled in our voting form and voted. It was exciting to feel like we were playing a part in deciding the future of Australia for the next few years.

Good luck to all the candidates. I’m looking forward to seeing the results come in on May 21st!

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